Serra • Food • Brussels

Situated in the CENTER of  Brussels, right next to the Starbucks statement piece of Xaveer De Geyter Architcts  u can find Serra. 

Serra is part of the Indigo Brussels City Hotel. 

It's a restaurant/breakfast/lunch hub. Or how they call it “picnic”.  Serra is divided in mainly two stories. The “picnic” lunch area (which is open the whole day) and serves slow food and the environment friendly restaurant (for breakfast – lunch - diner *soon).The restaurant offers a  menu that changes every two weeks, to make it more vibrant. Words as "environment friendly" are oftenly used these days to spice up something. But Serra creates their own herbs on there roof and are willing to push the boundaries to get the best fresh products within Brussels itself. 

The chef of this wonderful designed place is Pierre Balthazar who also like most of us can’t live without wine. U will not find the typical European or South-African wines in their well designed wine cooler, but more specific special wines from Lebanon or Greece, all to make the experience different then others. Which works. 

The design-bureau for the inside architecture Will Erens from Too Many Agencies created beside Serra also the rebranding of the Hotel. The Hilton. This includes 284 rooms divided on 8 levels. 

During the rebranding u see that they really focused on the details (and wasn’t that a kink of me?)

Everything is full of details. From the old floor that they discovered (and the toilets with their beautiful green floor tiles entrance) till the represented biological soaps.

The hotel only transformed three floors yet, the other ones are still waiting on their turn. The deluxe room brings you in a whole different world, and who doesn’t want to settle down in this choppy city! When I got a personal tour here (except from getting to know the menu) I noticed here and there some flaws, but in every bussiness with a big change this is understandable. Funny anecdote, I was stuck in the elevator for some minutes together with my enthusiastic guide, who made it a pleasent experience! Thanky for that! 

Wolf • FoodHUB • Brussels

Brussels welcomes a new hub for “food” lovers called WOLF. In 1943, Alfred Chambon started with building the bank ALSK, with a monumental entrance door (7 meters). Made of green emaille. Which u can find back in the design at the center bar. Designer Lionel Jadot and design office NCBAHM had the change to renew this new place, in combination with respecting the old history of the building. There for u can find old lamps from the bank re-used in the design of the building.

Well known brands that already show there face in the city like Knees To Chin and the new Chaufres Waffles are being part of this project. The old building from the outside if u take some time is maybe one (for me) of the prettiest treasures in Brussels. The green emaille aged by time and is so beautiful in combination with the beige entrance. When u enter Wolf all is very well thought. Maybe a mess , but a organized mess. Even the lamps give a dirty unfinished vibe which we can find back in the streets of Brussels. The tables and chairs around the center of the place are “school” made with combination in the middle center piece, the bar. A bar made with leather on the side (never saw this before) and beautiful stone combination which we can find back outside. Plenty place to sit. Beautiful lightning. Well thought design , not as Amsterdam well known foodmarket which is NON focused on the easthetics or story, or less. Wolf is a well thought food market with his eye on 2020 , an a Brussels we already long waited for.

Pierre Marcolini • Advent Calendar

Have a magical countdown with this calendar reinvented as an oversized snow globe depicting a fabulous winter landscape. Each day discover Pierre Marcolini’s iconic chocolates in a selection designed for all chocolate lovers, young and old. 24 different pralinés to provide 24 moments of pure pleasure... while you patiently await the arrival of Father Christmas.

This product is ideal for a moment of indulgence and for all chocolate lovers. Order your Advent Calendar 49€ now!

IKEA X Virgil Abloh • Event • Brussels

Ikea's most probally Iconic collab is finally here (we've waited long enough for it). With a presale event in Paris a year ago the buzz began when it finally was going to be released. Here we are, Thursday (7 November) the collection will be available in all Belgium stores. Europe is the second market to launch, because in America Ikea x Virgil sold out quick with long expected cues.

So if u wanna go home with a piece of your favorite designer, take some hot tea and ur gloves to wait in line! I had the chance to have a preview of the collection. The one piece everyone is loving is the iconic IKEA bag, redesigned in a more 'enviromental' look and with the iconic Virgil quotation marks.

Euphoria • Event • Ostend

Watching some new era generation storyline pushed in a magnificent visual package. The Euphoria #telenetplay event showed it at the @filmfestivaloostende. Thanks to Oona we had a shuttle from Brussels to the festival were the moment we arrived a abrupt storm began and let me say, all the plants and even a advertising panel flew away. So this event really blew us away.  After having some good tonic (which I really needed after this heavy week) we to see two episodes of Euphoria co-produced by Drake well spoken series. The beginning  immediately grabs your attention and defines the whole serie very well. Strong visuals , strong story. The first episode totally grabbed my emotions, and then I knew... this shit is good.

"Euphoria begins with seeing a woman gviing birth of a baby girl after the twin towers collapsed and the world was upsidedown and still is today. A new generation, a old system, escaping is the only thing youth can do and that's  the red line through this series. It's so important for such a big public. Showing a lot of different topics from body shaming, sexting, drugs addiction, being a loser or even being virgin. This serie is a mirror of today’s generation and maybe.... maybe makes us reflect on how we could do different. "

Thanks to Oona for letting me be part of this event 

#telenetplay #euphoria

Wearing WE fashion  thanks to UPR 

Paul Smith buttons 

Sarah wearing a Essentiel dress

Liu Jo • Work • Lyon • Paris

Thanks to Matthias Geerts I had the chance to photograph Liu Jo's Antwerp store. After that Assignment they were so happy with the results they immediately asked if I could go to Lyon and Paris to capture their stores there. Ofcourse I said yes. Traveling from Brussels abroad by train is so fucking easy. Sometimes I wonder why Brussels is the capital of Europe (because we don't seem to be on architectural level or other levels) but on location we do tho. London, Paris are close by train. Also Lyon (more deeper into France) is reachable by a 3 hour train trip. Lyon if u have the chance to go two days , is really beautiful. I know.. when u riding through Lyon going by Autoroute Soleil it looks like shit, but trust me the city has a lot to offer. Some streets close to La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière (do it by night, amazing view over the city and the river dividing the city in two and a island) look like ur in Italy , especially by the restaurants that are open very late and offer good culinary food. Lyon is also known as being a student city, and I can say it is! That's why Lyon has a perfect match of being historical cultural and the modern new youth that's switching things up. After Lyon I went to Paris at 6 am (early I know) to go to Paris again. Paris is kinda boring to me already because of all the Fashion Weeks I did there, it became a third city for me. But every-time the Louis Vuitton Foundation or Palais De Tokyo is worth the visit, pity enough its all closed on Tuesday. Whole France had such good weather for the begin of September, it was not warm , but it was hot (piping hot, almost like a wet shirt college carwash). Gave me even a more darker color, always nice while working. My job is different, and maybe nice in some people's vision. But it's also being able to adapt at every fucking second when something happens and make the best with what u got, this trip learned me some more regarding this. 

Thanky Matilde. 

Cantine • Food • Brussels


A new era for Brussels? U already got Fosbury & Sons co-work space (but not really in the center city). So that's why Cantine maybe feels for me to have that extra touch. Simple basic , to the point with love to design. I went and had some BRUNCH on Sunday (25 euro's). A girl shouting out of a window "ROBIN" , my friend who joined me! The entrance takes u to a minimal industrial feeling (partly thanks to the old offices vibe that the building gives u) and makes u feel welcome, besides the interior has a very cold touch! Some tables are standing in the big white space with silver long chairs on a vertical line thru the space. Right at this moment when we sitting there for 2 hours u realized we were only being part of just 7 tables within the space who came for a sunday brunch. You could just hear the music in the background and a pure "silent noise" of the city. This location is maybe one of the BEST in Brussels with a beautiful view at Bourse (which they will transform soon to a Beer Mekka and add a rooftop to it!). Besides that they also gonna transform the AB (and guess.. they also gonna go for a rooftop!). Brussels is blooming and booming. Maybe to late , but let's pray this kind of places will add a extra dimension to the city! Back to the brunch , All vegan! The soup was the best besides the kurkuma latte! Be carefull tho with the breadknifes , my friend cut some skin off #woops

This place also has workspaces, a art space and room where u can use a lasermachine or knit machines.

Check out there instagram! 

Bari • Travel • Photo Diary

Wearing Weekday shorts

Athens • Travel

Athens. Why? Partly because Marc Forne convinced me to go and visit this boiling city. Cheap Airlines take u quick and safe. I arrived on a Sunday, and surprisingly enough this day brought me a lot of sightseeing , thanks to the National Museum Day the main ancient museum and even the Acropolis (normally 30 euro's  were free. Walking up the hills with the last sun flares on my skin and watching one of the oldest remains of the Greek History made it feel like something very magical. On one after noon I guess I saw the most of Athens sightseeing. The other days brought me to the sea side with the Modern Museum and new complex made and payed by mostly rich harbour owners. Also the Hydra Island is worth the 2 hour boat ride , especially when u go on non-holiday season! 

Wanna have a mix of relaxation and historical amusement, Athens is one of the best places to go! Also food wise Athens won't let u down, try to go to Athenee Athens restaurant were (their menu said) Rene Magritte and other creative people went to spend their time. Wearing the Weekday Skyway Hundred Shirt