Ikea's most probally Iconic collab is finally here (we've waited long enough for it). With a presale event in Paris a year ago the buzz began when it finally was going to be released. Here we are, Thursday (7 November) the collection will be available in all Belgium stores. Europe is the second market to launch, because in America Ikea x Virgil sold out quick with long expected cues. So if u wanna go home with a piece of your favorite designer, take some hot tea and ur gloves to wait in line! I had the chance to have a preview of the collection. The one piece (I guess) everyone is loving is the iconic IKEA bag , redesigned in a more 'enviromental' look and with the iconic Virgil".

Watching some new era generation storyline pushed in a magnificent visual package. The Euphoria #telenetplay event showed it at the @filmfestivaloostende. Thanks to Oona we had a shuttle from Brussels to the festival were the moment we arrived a abrupt storm began and let me say, all the plants and even a advertising panel flew away. So this event really blew us away.  After having some good tonic (which I really needed after this heavy week) we to see two episodes of Euphoria co-produced by Drake well spoken series. The beginning  immediately grabs your attention and defines the whole serie very well. Strong visuals , strong story. The first episode totally grabbed my emotions, and then I knew... this shit is good.

"Euphoria begins with seeing a woman gviing birth of a baby girl after the twin towers collapsed and the world was upsidedown and still is today. A new generation, a old system, escaping is the only thing youth can do and that's  the red line through this series. It's so important for such a big public. Showing a lot of different topics from body shaming, sexting, drugs addiction, being a loser or even being virgin. This serie is a mirror of today’s generation and maybe.... maybe makes us reflect on how we could do different. "

Thanks to Oona for letting me be part of this event 

#telenetplay #euphoria

Wearing WE fashion  thanks to UPR 

Paul Smith buttons 

Sarah wearing a Essentiel dress


Thanks to Matthias Geerts I had the chance to photograph Liu Jo's Antwerp store. After that Assignment they were so happy with the results they immediately asked if I could go to Lyon and Paris to capture their stores there. Ofcourse I said yes. Traveling from Brussels abroad by train is so fucking easy. Sometimes I wonder why Brussels is the capital of Europe (because we don't seem to be on architectural level or other levels) but on location we do tho. London, Paris are close by train. Also Lyon (more deeper into France) is reachable by a 3 hour train trip. Lyon if u have the chance to go two days , is really beautiful. I know.. when u riding through Lyon going by Autoroute Soleil it looks like shit, but trust me the city has a lot to offer. Some streets close to La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière (do it by night, amazing view over the city and the river dividing the city in two and a island) look like ur in Italy , especially by the restaurants that are open very late and offer good culinary food. Lyon is also known as being a student city, and I can say it is! That's why Lyon has a perfect match of being historical cultural and the modern new youth that's switching things up. After Lyon I went to Paris at 6 am (early I know) to go to Paris again. Paris is kinda boring to me already because of all the Fashion Weeks I did there, it became a third city for me. But every-time the Louis Vuitton Foundation or Palais De Tokyo is worth the visit, pity enough its all closed on Tuesday. Whole France had such good weather for the begin of September, it was not warm , but it was hot (piping hot, almost like a wet shirt college carwash). Gave me even a more darker color, always nice while working. My job is different, and maybe nice in some people's vision. But it's also being able to adapt at every fucking second when something happens and make the best with what u got, this trip learned me some more regarding this. 

Thanky Matilde. 



A new era for Brussels? U already got Fosbury & Sons co-work space (but not really in the center city). So that's why Cantine maybe feels for me to have that extra touch. Simple basic , to the point with love to design. I went and had some BRUNCH on Sunday (25 euro's). A girl shouting out of a window "ROBIN" , my friend who joined me! The entrance takes u to a minimal industrial feeling (partly thanks to the old offices vibe that the building gives u) and makes u feel welcome, besides the interior has a very cold touch! Some tables are standing in the big white space with silver long chairs on a vertical line thru the space. Right at this moment when we sitting there for 2 hours u realized we were only being part of just 7 tables within the space who came for a sunday brunch. You could just hear the music in the background and a pure "silent noise" of the city. This location is maybe one of the BEST in Brussels with a beautiful view at Bourse (which they will transform soon to a Beer Mekka and add a rooftop to it!). Besides that they also gonna transform the AB (and guess.. they also gonna go for a rooftop!). Brussels is blooming and booming. Maybe to late , but let's pray this kind of places will add a extra dimension to the city! Back to the brunch , All vegan! The soup was the best besides the kurkuma latte! Be carefull tho with the breadknifes , my friend cut some skin off #woops

This place also has workspaces, a art space and room where u can use a lasermachine or knit machines.

Check out there instagram! 


Wearing Weekday shorts

Athens •  Travel

Athens. Why? Partly because Marc Forne convinced me to go and visit this boiling city. Cheap Airlines take u quick and safe. I arrived on a Sunday, and surprisingly enough this day brought me a lot of sightseeing , thanks to the National Museum Day the main ancient museum and even the Acropolis (normally 30 euro's  were free. Walking up the hills with the last sun flares on my skin and watching one of the oldest remains of the Greek History made it feel like something very magical. On one after noon I guess I saw the most of Athens sightseeing. The other days brought me to the sea side with the Modern Museum and new complex made and payed by mostly rich harbour owners. Also the Hydra Island is worth the 2 hour boat ride , especially when u go on non-holiday season! 

Wanna have a mix of relaxation and historical amusement, Athens is one of the best places to go! Also food wise Athens won't let u down, try to go to Athenee Athens restaurant were (their menu said) Rene Magritte and other creative people went to spend their time. Wearing the Weekday Skyway Hundred Shirt 

CANON • Young Talents Weekend • Adventure

Canon Belgium invited me with a lot of other talented young artist in Belgium for a weekend of collaboration and learning with the new EOS R system. The weekend toke place in Ciney, Belgium. In a let me say FUCKING huge castle. Canon supported us with the best of there material to use and besides that also the ZOEMINI. A mini printer connected with ur phone to bring ur images to life!

WEEKDAY • Client

Thanks to Welovepure Weekday became a regular client in Belgium and close abroad. So therefore I had the chance to photograph there new store in Leuven. A well know city for there student life! Shooting Interior for such a big client is waking up very early , clean whole the store and work very specific time related. Also my retoucher is on site to look how everything looks in real life so we can edit quick and got the deadline that day to finish the images. Weekday is known by his youthfull vibe. 

Wearing the Bruno Stripe Jacket #weekday #fetch


World champion in patisserie in 1995, direct cooperation with small companies concerning cocoa. We are talking about Pierre Marcolini. An amalgamation with Marcolini himself and Ren Sépul, a gastronomic journalist, friends for 15 years created the book "La bonne adresse" their best addresses in the field of gastronomy in Brussels. A perfect gift or a good guide? For you to judge

- Only available in French, but I can guarantee u it's also a good "how to learn french" book 

Available in your local bookseller, online or in Marcolini stores

CAUDALIE  • Products

The French cosmetic brand, based on natural ingredients from the vine and grapes, has opened more than forty SPA Boutiques in twelve countries worldwide since 2012. In May 2018 followed the very first Belgian Boutique in Bruges. I had the honor to meet Mathilde and capture her before my lens. A woman with passion and a sense of business. Caudalie has a very strong story right from the start and until now this is the key to success. The basis for this are the Natural ingredients based on the grape. Because the holidays are in arrival and the cold weather is equally present, it is of course important to continue to hydrate your skin. A perfect kit for this is the cleansing products with 98% natural ingredients. Mathilde Thomas had not forgotten me and let me try this kit. I myself start with the Instant foaming cleanser as a basis for pure cleaning. Then I follow with the Moisturizing Toner that is applicable to all skin types. The most nicest about this is that it gives your skin a fresh color. I finish with the Gentle cleansing milk, a perfect product for the winter to leave your skin moisturizing. So you want to make the world a better place for everyone, Caudalie is the place to be.


One of the most famous worldwide chocolates. 

Thanks to my most lovely client and friends at @pure I connected with Marcolini when I was capturing an event for there new spring/summer collection. They loved my spheric emotional approach so much that we did a meeting to discuss If I could maybe give it a try to do there online e-commerce. I never wondered when I started my photography dream I would ever do interior or even Food Photography and here we are now, shooting almost every upcoming collection for one of the most famous Belgian Chocolats. We started with capturing there winter pop-up waffles. The content is used worldwide. 


Were should I begin. With leaving my tears behind or accept that they are there. My last article was about the trip to Paris. My mental health was on a breakdown. I had to get out. Luckily I had the support from Boni then. It was nice. Maybe I should try to tell how it started.. It happened one day.. I don't know exactly when. But I woke up and nothing seemed to be interesting anymore, nobody interested me. I felt empty. My heart was broken, my soul lost. I could better just died. It's not easy to talk about. Like some friends say..Their are multiple Robin's..But the one I miss the most is the one that could't hide his smile from how much he loved life.. I don't know if he will come back.. I hope so.. anyway..Last weeks I literally didn't eat much. I didn't have the feeling to eat, to be here to do anything. Yesterday everything went deeply down for me. I was sick. I felt my whole body was at his end. No energy to stand up. I realized then, if I wanna live. It has to change. So let me try to pick up the pieces.



Close friends know my emotions can switch in a second, every minute I’m on the edge of happiness or a depression. Sometimes I’m on the top of the world or I just really wanna die. It is how it is. No secrets. The real me is there when it matters, otherwise it’s Geoffrey a dark sick animal that loves the night , the smoke, and creates his own imaginal world.

Travel • PARIS


Everyone went on vacation. I just layed in bed. Nothing wrong with that when ur not feeling 100% ok. Anyway I decided to arrange a last minute trip to Paris with the boy I was dating then. (Yeah I'm saying then..). Paris is my third home after Spain (but that's also not happening anymore because of work.. to be correct, because of my PART-time job). It's always to enjoy the city without being there for Fashion Week, so then it's not about work our being stressed to not miss a show. 

Braun Notes.

There are a lot of cool alternative restaurants and cafe's in Paris. Like the one I love to go to when I'm visiting the city of LOVE is located at Palais du Tokyo. U can chose here between the expensive or the cheaper one! Your choice! Braun Notes had a beautiful french farm vibe with some exotic dishes. I could really recommend this place, because it's close located to La Fayette and there is also a cute park where u can start your morning!  

Gustav Klimt

The 11th arrondissement. Gustav Klimt | Atelier des Lumières. A visual/sound expérience which u should see once. The best work of Gustav Klimt projected in a huge beautiful old fabric. 

Louis Vuitton Foundation

Modern Art. Always nice to visit this museum, it's like a habit. Modern art already interested me more then the Masters of the past. There is a bigger dialogue about how we can change the world, how artists see what's going on and make beautiful things of it , which always will surprise us and put us back on the right direction. Because it's easy to forget very quickly which way we are going to

The end of a beautiful story.



I promised my self to make more self portraits when I made that one portrait in Spain. So yeah, this one is kinda commercial but the next ones I promise are going to be more arty farty! 

Huawei  • BOZAR

Up-and-coming photographers live their passions and reveal their true selves.
Freedom of speech through the democratization of creative tools is one of the great developments in this awakening millennium.
A photographer is a person who conveys meaning by looking, someone who is able to evoke emotion and trigger inspiration through his own unique point of view.
The exhibition ‘Reveal The Real You‘ portrays a generation which looks at life on a screen and translates its fantasies into everyday experiences. Each in their own way, they are pioneers who challenge the philosophical and technological boundaries to conquer the  world of art, fashion, design and photography.
For ‘Reveal The Real You’ Huawei launched a call to upcoming Belgian photographers to share their passion by sharing images, made with a smartphone or camera.
More than 1.600 contemporary artists and creatives took part from 7 to 30th of November in the unique photography contest on Instagram by using the hashtag #revealtherealyou and @huaweimobilebe.
The 50 most inspiring pictures are exhibited here in BOZAR.

Esprit  • K-way  • Brussels


Yeah I didn't had the time to write something down because I was busy these days with working and giving myself the change to buy me some Christmas gifts for the New Year to begin. So let's start. I went to the opening of Esprit in Brussels, basic clothes, mainstream and yeah maybe sometimes u can find one piece but I guess you should really have a good day haha. K-way was something else, I had the chance to photograph their store and event of the opening of their first store in Brussels and I have to say K-way is history and future. Their old school K-way raincoats will always exist, but their new designed pieces are beautiful! That's why you already pay a designer price for it, but if you ever in the area of Dansaert in Brussels, don't forget to have a look at their store!

Dr. Martens • Brussels

This event,

Made me realize how much I love capturing real moments. The feeling of being one and forgetting everything, fading away with the night of the city. It's strange to say maybe but that night I also realized how much I love Brussels, this city has so inspiring people. Young talented souls that are trying to find or expand themself in this big city which will always search for their real identity, Brussel is a mix and that's what makes Brussels the perfect place for Dr. Martens to settle. 

Music tip 

Sued Tirol • Antwerp

Made some shots for a Sued Tirol event in Zaha Hadid creation "Havenhuis". This building is cruise ship next to the water, or it feels you're really on water because it's floating. The minimalistic aesthetics are my kind of thing, so I felt good in this place to capture some nice moments during this night 

- soon online

Dr. Martens • Brussels

I'm working my ass of these days, 

So that mean's a lot of good vibes and money, but also spending and working on my "ego" I guess, but why shouldn't I?   Pure let me capture a lot of events this month, so thanky for that guys ♥ This time they asked to capture Dr. Martens interior for their website and social media campaign and a special event for Influencers! Ofc I said YES! The store looks amazing and the products.. yeah it's Dr. Martens so it's quality in it's purest form. Leather/Fake Leather shoes, boots and ofc don't forget the accessoires! 

U can find some more shots down here 

Uber • Brussels

Quick Service.

Uber gave me the chance to try their services out in Brussels and I have to say, I can't live without anymore. Just order your ride and he will be there within 10 minutes. The service is great! Friendly and smooth. Also u don't have to mind to akward pay at the end because it's all smartphone proof! The Black Van is my favorite, it's great when u have a lot of stuff like me and you're shooting assignment in Brussels to transport quick and easy. Also if you wanna party with a lot of friends, order one and you will have the perfect night! 

U can use my PROMOCODE "ROBINJORISDULLERS" until 1/01/2018 on Uber and get 2 FREE rides! #Ubernights 

Huawei • Belgium

Hi, peeps. 

Are you passioned by photography or capturing moments then maybe now is the moment to show you're talent to the real audience.  And with real audience I mean the visiters of BOZAR , the biggest Art center in Belgium, Brussels. And  @huaweimobilebe wants to help u with this opportunity. They will chose the best 50 photos to be used in the expo and also the best 10 receive a HUAWEI 10 pro (value of €800). The only thing you have to do is tag your best picture on instagram with @huaweimobilebe and use the #revealtherealyou.  Want some inspiration? Go to www.revealtherealyou.be

Goodluck and share your talent!

Travel • London


Peeps. I was laying in bed this week around 2 am wondering about how much is going on in my life.. from student to work. A big change. Being part of the stuck society. That’s why I thought I needed a break, to explore myself again and think about what I really want without any distraction. So here I’m, In England, London. The country that decided they want independence. It could be a good case, everyone has the right to be free. And a little bit stubborn...

The Mondrian Hotel, wonderful brunch, famous people

Maybe I’m over emotional. But that feeling when yr finally on yr bus to start on that little adventure again that u did a lot in the past. A moment for yourself. A mental trip. It isnt just a trip for me to London. It’s like having quality time with the best friend in my life, me. I hope some of u guys know this feeling. You heart jumps over and your eyes are producing glas tears. Because yr body feels what life is. It’s exploring unseen grounds, people and ideas. If you can, go and explore. Don’t hesitate.. (also UBER  drived my to this amazing private sauna at night, safely and with a fucking good service!) 


Still the thing u have to visit when ur in London, each floor has one/two open exhibition's and their collection is marvelous from Yves Klein to Monet. Also outside the Tate their is a good place to spot squirrels!

H&M Flagship store • Antwerp